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Who are Largo Foods?

You might not have heard of them, but you've probably tasted them!

Largo Foods UK produces high quality popcorn products including premium popcorn clusters, flavoured popcorn and sweet/salted cinema-style popcorn. Their manufacturing and warehouse facility in South Yorkshire is BRC accredited (British Retail Consortium food safety standards). Founded in 2006, Largo Foods UK now manufactures and distributes popcorn on behalf of key UK retailers.

Our Relationship

PCM has been working with Largo Foods UK since 2007 when they traded as Cornscape. We became their IT support partner delivering our comprehensive IT support services. Since then we have continued to support the team at the Barnsley offices, regularly visiting the site to ensure that their technology is running smoothly.

Our comprehensive service has been tailored over the years, and now includes remote data backup, disaster recovery, security software, productivity applications, engineering and day to day IT support.

Onsite Visits

We visit Largo Foods UK at least once a quarter but sometimes more regularly, whether that’s for engineering work or to discuss their technology requirements and business plans.

Call Outs

If there is a problem that can’t be resolved over the phone, one of our engineers will visit Largo onsite. We’re less than 50 minutes away from the office, so we can be there quickly to minimise any downtime and the knock-on effects of technology outage.

This helps the team at Largo to stay productive, and they aren’t losing man-hours because the team can access their emails, systems and software as soon as everything is back up and running.


We visit with the team at Largo in our capacity as IT partner, to consult with them on changing demands such as new staff members and data security requirements.

We recently worked with the team to enhanced their data security. We researched and installed the latest security software and hardware to ensure that their data is secure against external threats. You can read more about that below.

IT Security

We have put strong processes in place to protect the data that Largo Foods UK collect and process. Remote Data Backup regularly backs-up data to a remote physical locations. Their virtualised server backs up to the cloud.

We also administer the anti-virus software for Largo and have installed security at their network rooter.


Since we started working with Largo back in 2007, we've worked closely with their team to ensure that their IT was up to standard. We've been on a server migration journey with Largo, first moving them from Windows Server 2003 to 2008 and then to 2012. We're looking towards the next upgrade in the coming months.

Our close working relationship meant that we could advise the team at Largo on the technology that would support their team and create more efficiency, rather than just something that got the job done. During the upgrade from 2008 to 2012 we moved Largo to a virtualised HyperV server setup rather than a physical machine. This allowed us to split the workload between some power-hungry applications like Sage and Exchange. Not only did this make the applications run quicker, but also minimised the downtime and impact on the Largo team should the technology have failed.

Productivity Application

The team at Largo utilise G Suite, Google’s productivity applications. We administer the application to ensure everyone is set up properly and running the same tools.

New Starters

When a new member of the team joins Largo, we organise their PC or laptop, set them up with their email accounts and login to any productivity apps they need. We also work with the management team to assign the new staff member the relevant permissions and access to the network.

“PCM always provide a great service and support. They are a pleasure to work with and have extensive knowledge when needed.”

- Stephen Bloomer, Largo Foods UK

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