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What is MyNewCarDeal?

MyNewCarDeal is a unique way to buy, sell or part exchange your car. All of the leg work is done for you, so you can find a new or used car, sell your car, or part exchange from the comfort of your own home.

MyNewCarDeal combines sophisticated software with a network of trusted dealers so that you'll always get the best offer, without having to visit several dealerships and waste your valuable time. 

A strong relationship

PCM had already worked with the team behind MyNewCarDeal on a software development project for another of their motor-industry businesses, Digital Remarketing Solutions Ltd. When Jim and his partners came to us they already had a strong visual brand for MyNewCarDeal, they just needed our expertise to bring the website design to life and integrate it with the back-end software.



The Work

Website Development

We were given branded content for the website from the team at MyNewCarDeal, including brand colours, fonts, a logo, and illustrated graphics. PCM took the content and developed the front end website around it.

Software Development & Integration

MyNewCarDeal integrates with the software we had already developed for Digital Remarketing Solutions Ltd. Additional software was developed to collect the data submitted through the MyNewCarDeal website and share it with a trusted network of dealers. The dealers log into their own profile and submit their offers and deals, which are then presented to the MyNewCarDeal user.

Email Notifications and User Profiles

The system sends the user a notification each time a dealer makes them an offer. These are collated on their own private profile on the MyNewCarDeal website, where they can view the details, dismiss and accept the offers. If a user accepts the offer, they will then work directly with the dealer to buy, part exchange or sell their car.  All of the user’s details are kept anonymously in the system until they accept an offer.

Digital Marketing

The motor trade industry is highly competitive. PCM carried out a marketing consultation service with the team at MyNewCarDeal to make sure that they have the tools necessary to get active users onto the website. The bespoke service included some training as well as content creation. 

Video Creation

We wanted to create a launch video that highlighted the benefits of using MyNewCarDeal as well as the process involved. We designed the video, created the content and outsourced the voiceover. The video was saved as an MP4 which was then added to the MyNewCarDeal YouTube channel, their website and social media profiles.

Social Media Training

Before the website was sent live, our Marketing Manager spent half a day with Jim from MyNewCarDeal in a training session on social media. We covered the basics; how to post, add media, connect with other profiles, and engage with customers and potential customers. Content creation using Canva was also included, with some branded posts designed ready for launch.


Google Adwords

Post-launch PCM have worked with MyNewCarDeal to start a Google AdWords campaign with the intent of driving more people to the website. We reviewed the list of suggested keywords that MyNewCarDeal should target and set up campaigns focusing on the three aspects of MyNewCarDeal; Buy, Part Exchange, Sell.

We’re looking forward to watching MyNewCarDeal become a force to be reckoned with in the motor trade industry.

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