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In this series we round up our top tips, advice and recommendations for making your technology really work for you, by improving productivity and helping to achieve cost savings. 

upgrading from a hdd to an ssd

Upgrading to an SSD

Slow running PCs are costing businesses hundreds of hours every year in lost productivity. Even new PCs will run slowly if they're powering energy-zapping applications like Adobe, Sage and large Outlook inboxes. Upgrading your Hard Disk Drive to a Solid State Drive is an affordable way to give your PC a boost.

productivity applications

Productivity Applications

Improving productivity is a core goal for all businesses. Applications and suites of products like Microsoft Office, G Suite, OpenOffice and Apple iWork are designed for business productivity, collaboration and professionalism. We take a look at the most popular products and upcoming trends.

Technology Audit

The technology you use in business shouldn’t control you. With our Technology Audit we’ll discover the hardware, software and applications you’re currently using, the versions and warranty status. We’ll combine this with a strategic review of your business, the technology you use now, and your plans for the future.

We’ll then put together a no-obligation report including our recommendations to cover any required updates, and how you can use technology to increase productivity, be more efficient and scale up as you grow.

Book an Audit

Top Tip: Dual Monitors

It might not be the most efficient way of doing things, but many of us have to multitask during our working day. Replying to emails whilst also drawing plans. Comparing details between products. Responding to website enquiries whilst designing email campaigns.

Setting up an additional monitor connected to your PC is straightforward for anyone with a bit of technical know-how. The price of monitors has been steadily falling over the last few years so you can now pick up a decent HD monitor for under £150.

Steve Clark, Source Marketing Communications

"PCM provide an excellent IT support service, proactively ensuring our system is in good shape and responding promptly if we have a problem. They also provide expert advice on systems development and upgrades taking into account the changing needs of our business and the latest technological developments."

Office Delve from Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office is constantly adding features to their productivity suite Office 365. If you have an Office 365 account you can use Office Delve, a great feature that allows you to work better with the people in your organisation. Delve also enables faster and more widespread searches across the Office 365 suite.

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