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The rise of flexible working in the UK has grown massively in recent years. Let’s look at some stats…

103% - The increase in the number of workers who are not self-employed but regularly work from home since 2005

Almost 3,000,000 - People in the UK who were working flexibly between April & June 2015

2020 – The year when flexible working will be the main option for UK employers

So how do businesses transition from everyone sitting at their assigned desk to being mobile, connected and secure?


Just as face to face meetings have declined since the rise of the conference call, Face-Timing and video calls are set to overtake conference calls in the coming years. To support workers using their phone, tablet or PC to attend video meetings, they’ll need enough internet bandwidth.

The same applies for running applications that are cloud-based. Time efficiency will be lost if you’re connection is constantly dropping or internet browser runs slowly.

Connected Apps

Software tools to help remote workers collaborate are becoming easier to access. Slack for instant messaging, Skype for video calling, Google Suite (G Suite) for shared documents & spread sheets…the list goes on and on.

At PCM we support flexible working for our administration team. We use G Suite to create and share documents, notes, spread sheets and media files.

We’re a Google partner and can set up G Suite (or Office 365 if you prefer Microsoft) on our customers’ PCs and laptops so that whether you’re working from the office, at home, or down the pub (only joking!), you can still access your files and communicate with your teams and clients.

Data Backup

Most office buildings have a higher level of security than a café, car or house. But these are the places that you’ll often have your laptop or smartphone whilst working flexibly. When you’re moving technology, you’re more likely to suffer damage, loss or theft, so having remote data backup in place is essential.

IT support just a phone call away

If your workers aren’t in a centralised office, and they experience technical issues, how are these resolved? By having an IT support contract, your employees can call an expert who may be able to resolve the issue remotely. They can then get back to work quickly and you can control your IT support costs with a budgeted contract.  





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