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Here at PCM we have officially changed our name. Now using the trading name PCM Systems instead of Piermont Computer Maintenance, the name change has been a long time coming.

Matt Feeny, our Director explains the reasoning behind the change. “We’d been Piermont Computer Maintenance for 28 years, and when we started back then the bread and butter of our business was basic reactive IT support. As technology has changed, so has what we do for our clients.”

“Now we work much more closely with businesses to consult them on the technology they need to be productive, maximise efficiency and protect their data. A lot of the work we do involves integrating systems, whether that's CRM, websites, accounts or bespoke software applications. Of course we also still fix IT issues, and our in-house engineers are on hand to resolve any issues our clients might be having day-to-day.”

The consultative approach to IT support has developed out of the changing nature of business technology and general business practices. One example is the rise in remote and flexible working, leading to more people working away from a central location, whilst still needing access to the same data and networks as their office-based colleagues.

Remote access, the cloud and increased data security requirements have led many business leaders to look for an expert solutions provider like PCM Systems to support their technology.

Steve Clarke of Source Marketing Communications values PCM’s advice. “PCM provide an excellent IT support service, proactively ensuring our system is in good shape and responding promptly if we have a problem. They also provide expert advice on systems development and upgrades taking into account the changing needs of our business and the latest technological developments.”

The team at Travel Parking Group’s Looking4.com uses PCM as a partner to deliver proactive and reactive IT support. “The whole team at PCM are outstanding at technical support and all kinds of IT business support. They continue to be a trusted and reliable partner as our IT demands grow along with our business.”

The way that businesses use IT has changed dramatically since PCM was founded in 1989. Now businesses are looking for a partner who can advise them on their website, software, hardware, security and processes. Working with PCM as a third party is often more affordable than employing someone full time, and businesses are able to take advantage of a wide skill set including engineers, developers and marketing experts.

Matt is proud of the expertise the team can offer to our customers. “Our in house team is highly skilled. With degree-level education and years of hands on experience, we can offer our clients what they would have to pay for two or three full time employees. Our new name PCM Systems reflects our breadth of knowledge around business technology.”

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