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Businesses are constantly collecting and processing data, and with that comes the risk of massive data loss or breaches. It can occur through negligence, theft or accidentally. Our data security services offer a holistic approach to data security, encompassing people, products and processes.

Remote Data Backup to eliminate permanent data loss
Protect against ransomware attacks and data theft with a backup in place

Disaster recovery in the event of physical destruction or loss of your own hardware (natural or accidental)

Security Software & Configuration
Anti Virus, Firewalls (physical and through software), Anti Spyware, Encryption services

Remote Data Backup

Data loss can cripple a business if there is no backup in place. Lost productivity, lost revenues, damage to your reputation and potential fines and criminal proceedings should not be underestimated.

Our Remote Data Backup services mitigate the risk of data loss.

  • We will recover your lost data at anytime, so whether you’ve accidentally deleted an important document or you’ve been a victim of a ransomware attack, you have a copy of your data stored securely.
  • All data is encrypted before it leaves your premises and is password protected at an offsite location.

Disaster Recovery

Our Server Disaster Recovery is the next step up from remote data backup for businesses where accessing their data is critical at short-notice.

Not only is all of your data securely backed-up, but we create an exact replica of your server and how the data is organised.

The information including the configuration of the system and all data on it is then encrypted, password protected and replicated onto the server copy that PCM provides.

Security Software & Configuration

We work with some of the UK’s largest IT vendors and distributors to source security software and tools that is right for our clients.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware packages, Firewalls and encryption tools to ensure your data is protected from external threats.

Our in-house team build custom security solutions to meet your security needs, and will offer advice on vulnerabilities and measures to take to protect your business data.

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