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About Ormandy Rycroft Group

Ormandy Rycroft is a world leader in the development of offsite and heat exchange solutions for all commercial and industrial sectors. From HEVAC to process, Ormandy Rycroft offers complete bespoke products tailored to individual hot water and heating requirements, all designed and fabricated at the company’s world class manufacturing facility in Bradford.

A new website for a Group rebrand

Ormandy Rycroft has recently completed a project to update the Group’s corporate image, involving a total redesign of marketing collateral including the website. With an existing design concept in place, Marketing Manager Angela Spurling was looking to partner with IT specialists capable of taking this design and building the website, to include a content management system enabling the marketing team to keep the content fresh and up to date.

"Control over content was an extremely important consideration for this project," confirmed Angela. "In the past we had used agencies for our web update work, which often proved unsatisfactory. We wanted to be able to manage this process ourselves, enabling us to add new items and change specifications quickly and accurately without incurring significant additional costs."

Creating a flexible infrastructure and navigation

Angela had already worked with PCM in previous marketing roles, and was confident the team would deliver a website capable of matching these practical requirements as well as reflecting the new look and feel of the Group. Important considerations included how to get the products across to the audience, as well as creating an infrastructure and user-friendly navigation capable of interlinking and crossing over between different products ranges and services to cover all angles.

The website also had to incorporate products manufactured by sister company Newade, facilitating cross selling yet retaining commercial independence. In addition, providing click-through access to more detailed information was part of the requirement; the marketing team wanted to provide users with a facility to access a more detailed specification for certain products, where required.

"This was a challenging project for us, working with an existing concept and design to develop a website to match these requirements," said Matt Feeny, Director at PCM. "A CMS normally operates within a formulaic framework or layout, whilst this was a more complex and intricate design which presented operational issues to overcome." The team at PCM spent initial development time going through the existing design and working out how to separate it into logical sections to allow the CMS to operate as required. They then designed and built a bespoke CMS to deliver the desired results.

Training to optimise CMS potential

Once this initial work was complete, the website was built around the design concept and all content was entered. The technical aspects have worked effectively with the design side to create a powerful online resource. PCM also carried out training sessions with Ormandy Rycroft to demonstrate how to use the CMS for fast and easy content editing across the site.

Ormandy Rycroft now have a website which matches their new corporate image, complete with the ability to add, expand upon and delete information quickly and easily to keep this asset up to date at all times.

I have personally worked with PCM on a range of projects for over five years, and have found the team to be extremely approachable and professional. They listen and understand; nothing is ever too much trouble. The development process for this new website was straightforward and the transfer of information excellent, resulting in a clear and informative online resource meeting all our needs with a responsive content management system we can use in-house to keep everything fresh and updated.
Angela Spurling, Marketing Manager
Ormandy Rycroft Group

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