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IT Projects & ad-hoc IT consultancy

If you have a particular IT project in mind, or require some ad-hoc IT consultancy to help resolve an issue, our team of expert IT consultants can help.

We are regularly involved in business IT projects from upgrading PCs, server installations, software upgrades right through to complete overhauls of a business's IT infrastructure.

Latest case study

Northern Monk Refectory

Implementing secure dual purpose WiFi system for staff and guest use

Whether your project is a straight-forward one, or something more complicated like a server installation, the consultancy process always starts with the planning, working with you to establish your requirements, timescale and the resources that are required.
We can source and purchase any required equipment or services from our network of distributors. Alternatively, we can help prepare a specification in order that your procurement team can purchase directly.
The implementation often involves working closely with your team and other third party suppliers to make sure it is delivered on time and on budget.
Training & handover
Once the project is complete, we are available to provide documentation, training and guidance to your team, as well as ongoing support if required.

Office moves

Moving office can be a stressful experience. Why not let our IT support consultants take care of planning, moving and setting up your IT infrastructure in your new location.

A key consideration when moving office is to make sure the new premises has a fast and stable Internet connection. As well as researching and sourcing connectivity options, we can visit the proposed offices with you to review any existing IT infrastructure (such as network cabling) to help inform your decision.
Once you've settled on an office and have a move date booked, our IT business consultants will work with you to ensure there is a clear plan to keep disruption to a minimum. This often involves making sure the Internet connection is working well in advance, network cabling is tested and labeled and key members of the team that must have continuous access to email and other IT resources are identified.
On the day
Making sure your servers and networking equipment is shutdown and dismantled in an orderly manner is key. We can then transport them to your new location, making it a priority to have them up and running before your team and the rest of the equipment arrive. In addition, we can be on-hand to help setup PCs, printers and other devices.
Once settled into the office, our expert IT consultants can help resolve any snagging issues that come to light.

IT consultancy

If you know what it is you wish to achieve but not necessarily how to do it, we can help. Alternatively, you may just need some additional experience or resources to help review your IT systems.

The first step is often to discuss and research the issue you are trying to resolve or what you want to achieve. From there, we use our team's experience to research and find the best solution.
Once the research has been concluded, we create a detailed plan to identify timescales and the resources required.
Our team then gets to work implementing the solution we have identified. This often involves working closely with your team and other third party suppliers to make sure it is delivered on time and on budget.

Customer testmimonials

PCM recently carried out an appraisal and complete integration of a new server and configuration of all office PCs. The service from start to finish has been superb and the price fair. The team have been highly professional, competent, knowledgeable and patient. I would recommend them highly.
Kristian Wass
Hudson Moody Wass
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