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A firewall is a network device that helps to protect your entire IT network from intruders. As well as controlling the traffic entering and leaving your network, they can be used to block viruses and email spam, allow remote access via VPN and control who can access certain websites (for example, block social media during working hours). Having a modern, well configured and regularly monitored firewall is essential to protect your business and it's data. We have installed and managed firewalls from a number of different suppliers including DrayTek, SonicWall and pfSense.

A firewall's primary job is to control the traffic flowing in and out of your network by blocking and allowing ports and applications. Ensuring your firewall is configured correctly is the first step to securing your network.
Secure WiFi
Most offices require WiFi, whether for laptops, printers, tablets or for use by team members and visitors. However, it's important that it is setup and configured properly. The use of guest networks and captive portals can enhance security.
Remote Access
If members of your team need to remotely access files and applications from your internal servers, your firewall can provide VPN access. VPN can also be used to join separate offices together, allowing them to access shared resources.
Load balancing
Most businesses rely heavily on their Internet connection. By using load balancing, two or more Internet connections can be used together - either to increase speed or to ensure continuous access in the event that one connection fails.
Virus & malware protection
The firewall is the first point of entry into your network. By running virus / malware scanning and intrusion detection software on it, all devices on the network are covered and protected.
Web filtering
A common request is to block access to social media websites from work computers. The right firewall can allow you to create flexible policies to block certain websites (or categories of website) and apply this at specific times of the day, and only for certain staff.

Bitdefender GravityZone anti-virus protection

Anti-virus and anti-malware protection are critical to securing your business against viruses and ransomware. Bitdefender has consistently ranked highly for its performance, usability and protection amongst industry experts. As well as providing virus protection, it includes additional functionality to control access to certain websites (e.g. block social media) and manage your IT devices.

Anti-virus and anti-malware
Protects against known and unknown threats to safeguard your systems against slowdowns and infections in real-time.
Blocks access to hijack attempts and features intrusion detection to stop malicious software from entering your system.
Web filtering
Protect your employees by blocking access to potentially harmful websites in search results when browsing the web.
Data protection
Prevents the loss of confidential data by setting filters that will block the transmission of sensitive information.
Device management
Control access to USB devices, either totally disabling them or making them read only.

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