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For other IT companies

We are often called upon to carry out sub-contract or white-label IT work for other IT companies.

Extra resources
If you need extra resources or skills that your team doesn't have, PCM can help. We are able to attend your customers' site badged as one of your team, carry out the required work, documenting any changes that are made for your records.
Utilise our skillset
The breadth of IT work we carry out gives us exposure to a multitude of different operating systems, software, cloud systems and IT infrastructure.
We understand that giving customers a good service is key and allowing us to do work on your behalf requires trust. We are happy to review and sign an NDA if required, or can provide our own.

For IT departments

If your company has remote offices in our region, you can utilise our engineers to carry out IT work on your behalf. Likewise, if you just need extra resources for a project, we can help.

Remote offices
It may be costly or time consuming to send a member of staff to visit your remote offices. We can attend on your behalf, carrying out the work to your requirements.
Whether you are rolling out new equipment, need some consultancy to determine best practices or just need extra resources to work with your IT team, we can help.
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