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Why is data backup important?

Data loss can cripple a business if there is no backup in place. Lost productivity, lost revenues, damage to your reputation, potential fines and criminal proceedings should not be underestimated. Our Remote Data Backup services mitigate the risk of data loss.

Encrypt your data
All data is encrypted before it leaves your premises and is password protected at an offsite location.
Recover your lost data at anytime
We will recover your lost data at anytime, so whether you’ve accidentally deleted an important document or you’ve been a victim of a ransomware attack, you have a copy of your data stored securely.
Server Disaster Recovery
Our Server Disaster Recovery is the next step up from remote data backup for businesses where accessing their data is critical at short-notice. Not only is all of your data securely backed-up, but we create an exact replica of your server and how the data is organised. The information including the configuration of the system and all data on it is then encrypted, password protected and replicated onto the server copy that PCM provides.

Cloud backup plans

Data backup

Ideal for desktop and laptop computers, and file based servers
Managed service - we setup and monitor the service for you
Data is encrypted at all times
Retention to store versions of modified and deleted files
Flexible scheduling
Selective - backup only your key data to keep costs down
Assistance restoring data if you lose a file (or worse!)
Alerts when backups fail
Works on Windows, Mac and Linux
Backup MS SQL and Exchange
Protect data in G Suite and Office 365
Data stored within the UK

Disaster recovery

For backing up the data, structure and configuration of a computer or server
All features from our Data Backup service
Image based backup - protect data, software and configuration
Backup Hyper-V and ESXi infrastructure
Restore to different hardware
Backup to a local device as well as the cloud

We always keep your data safe

Read some comments from our existing cloud backup customers
We have been using PCM's Remote Backup for years.  It is, without doubt, the most efficient and easy-to-use backup system that I have ever used in an office.  It is smooth, reliable, easy to use and does everything without me having to worry about it.  Last year, one of our PCs had to be wiped clean and reformatted. I knew that all of the documents were safely stored by PCM - and were also rapidly uploaded to the newly restored computer with a minimum of fuss.  Real peace of mind!
Rachel Tyrrell
The Survey Association
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