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About Untha Shredding Technology

Untha is the market leader in shredding technology, serving business and industry worldwide. With a range of high calibre products designed around reliability, performance and sustainability, Untha shredding solutions promote material reuse and recycling and also facilitate profitable energy generation from waste recovery.

High level security for mobile devices

PCM Systems has worked with the UK branch of Untha Shredding Technology for over a decade, providing IT support and system implementation services. With a clear vision of where he wanted to take the company in terms of driving forward efficiencies, Untha’s UK Managing Director was seeking to introduce a system whereby engineers and sales teams on the road could access company data via mobile devices capable of mitigating the risks associated with open-ended access.

The company was already using Microsoft 365 extensively, so PCM carried out a detailed scoping exercise to identify the key requirements of the project. A selection of options were evaluated before PCM recommended Microsoft Intune to provide a reliable and scaleable solution.

Flexible, capable and customisable

Developed to safeguard data on company-owned mobile devices, Microsoft Intune provides granular control over data, ensuring only authorised individuals can access information and ensuring data remains protected at all times. Access is enforceable by parameters including user, device and geographical location.

The system developed for Untha by PCM ensures that the company has complete control over everything loaded onto each device in terms of software. Devices are encrypted; data cannot be downloaded and screenshots cannot be taken or distributed. If a device is lost or stolen, it can be activated and erased remotely. This ensures that Untha can distribute devices to employees with complete confidence that data is kept completely secure. In the event of an employee leaving the company, PCM can reset devices remotely and have them ready for new users within hours.

PCM implemented the system for Untha in December 2019 without issues. It is managed by PCM on an ongoing basis, with new facilities and options added and upgrades made on a continuous basis.

Working closely with PCM Systems, we have devised and implemented a smart and flexible solution providing our staff with remote and reliable access to our technology and vital data whilst ensuring we maintain the highest levels of security in line with our commitment to our customers.
Marcus Brew
Untha Shredding Technology

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