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About Woodlands Home & Garden Group

Woodlands Home & Garden Group was originally established in 1913 as a specialist manufacturer of bespoke timber furniture. Over the past century, the company has successfully expanded its commercial activities to create a quality manufacturing and retail organisation encompassing businesses including timber machining and trade timber sales, garden building manufacturing and trade sales, a DIY superstore and an online B2C garden building e-commerce website under the brand Tiger Sheds. Ambitious growth plans see the company set to double turnover by 2023.

Sudden server failure

PCM Systems installed a server for Woodlands Home & Garden Group over five years ago, which served the full range of the organisation's diverse business base and was maintained in-house. When the server suffered sudden failure, the company called in PCM to try to restore the data and get their business critical systems up and running again. With no updateable information on stock levels, the event impacted across the entire business.

Overnight data recovery

The team from PCM removed the server from the premises and took it into their workshop for repair, recalling engineers to work overnight to solve the problem. This was a hardware failure; the server retained all the data but would not reboot.

Working with recent back up material, the PCM team set to work to restore the vital data, together with ordering new drives and ancillary components for the server. The unit was reinstalled and up and running back at the client's premises within 24 hours, without suffering any significant data loss.

When a sudden server outage impacted across all our businesses, we turned to PCM Systems with an urgent request for hardware repair and data recovery. The team rose to the challenge, successfully restoring our data and getting our systems up and running again within a 24 hour window to minimise loss of business and enable us to pick up the reins again quickly and effectively.
Ross Moran
Woodlands Home & Garden Group

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