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The benefits of bespoke software development

Every software development project is different, but they always start with the same steps - understanding the problem.

Once your requirements are agreed, work commences to develop the software. We hold regular meetings to keep you informed of our progress and to help ensure the project stays on time and on budget.

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Development of Internet of Things hardware & platform

The first step is to discuss and research the issue you are trying to resolve or what you want to achieve. From there, we use our team's experience to research and find the best solution.
Once the research has been concluded, we create a detailed development plan to identify timescales and the resources required.
Our Leeds based software development team then gets to work developing the software to the plan we have agreed. This often involves working closely with your team and other third party suppliers to make sure it is delivered on time and on budget.
Handover & training
Towards the end of the project, we provide training on how to use the software (either at your premises, remotely, or at our office in Leeds), install it on the live server(s) and give guidance as to how to get the best from the new system.
Ongoing support
If you require ongoing support (involving telephone / email support or regular amendments), we can provide a short or long term contract to suit your needs.

Our software development experience

We have been developing bespoke software for over 15 years - not just for businesses in Leeds, but throughout Yorkshire, the North of England and beyond. In that time, we've worked on a wide variety of projects and have gained valuable experience that we bring to every project.

New software
If you have never been involved in a software development project before, it can be daunting. We walk you through the process and draw up the list of requirements with you before commencing work.
We've integrated bespoke software with many third party services & providers including Google, Dropbox, Equifax, Experian, CAP, Cazana, FreeAgent, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, SagePay, Stripe and more.
Conversion of legacy software
If you currently use a piece of bespoke software which is outdated or no longer supported, we can convert it into a modern system, incorporating any enhancements.
Custom API
If you need to feed data in and out of your business to other providers, services or software, we can develop a custom API to handle the exchange of data.

Industries we've developed bespoke software for

It's a cliché, but every business is different. Therefore, if your industry isn't listed below, we can still help - please contact us to discuss your project.

Stock control, purchase orders, sales orders, resource planning.
Legal / HR
Anonymised automatic sifting of job placement applicants based on specified application criteria.
Job and fault logging, assigning to internal engineers and external service providers.
Property management
Automatic matching of requirements and enquiries to properties, generation of client reports.
Financial organisations
Management of applicants for key products, automatic credit checks with Equifax.
Automatic calculation of premiums from risk / rating tables, generation of certificates and other documentation.
Integrating data feeds from CAP, Cazana, Experian and other sources.
Management of student profiles and their qualifications.
Service businesses
Managing jobs, field based engineers / technicians, digital signing of job sheets.
Internet of Things (IoT)
Development of IoT dashboards, handling millions of rows of data.
General B2B or B2C
CRM, Intranet or other general purpose business software.

Our business is founded on the principles of accuracy, and our motto is to reflect the facts without distortion. We asked PCM to create a system that would streamline the reporting process and ensure consistency across a wide network of fire investigators.
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