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Core values

PCM believe in clarity, transparency and delivering first class service. That means sharing our knowledge with you when discussing your issues, using easy to understand language. It means showing you exactly what we are going to do in order to diagnose or fix a problem, and it means a comprehensive service that covers every detail and allows you to continue with your business as usual.

These values were vitally important when we started out specialising in hardware sales. People were not interested in tonnes of technical jargon and IT-speak. They wanted to know what this kit would do for them, and why it was better than the other item.

Our approach is collaborative, which means agreeing the best course of action to solve any issues that are affecting your business. It also means keeping you fully informed of the work being undertaken and the progress made; and with this in mind we provide you with reports and logged records of work completed.

We act with integrity and provide a high level of service.
We understand that the purpose of our service is to support your employees and ensure that your business has a stable platform on which to operate.
We treat our clients with respect.
We do not assume that our clients understand technology.
We are always available to explain and train, as required.
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