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Still storing files on your desktop?


Today we’re going to tell you a story… Once upon a time there was a man called Neville. Neville worked at a busy legal practice in the heart of Leeds. Neville dealt with very sensitive data …

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Are you guilty of these bad password trends?


Using a cache of leaked passwords and website information, academics at Virginia Tech and researchers at Dashlane have produced a report all about bad password habits. You can read the full report on …

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Google Analytics Data Retention


The team at Google Analytics have introduced new Data Retention tools so that businesses can set the period after which some data will be deleted.  Why have Google made this change? …

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What does 'End of Life' mean for your technology?


You might have heard us talk about your technology reaching its ‘end of life’ but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is no longer working. Technology End of Life (EOL) is a term …

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Google Drive gets a facelift


After rolling out an updated design to Gmail and Calendar earlier this year, Google has now applied their new design concepts to Google Drive.  If you use Google Drive to store your documents …

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YouTube - Using robots to stop terrorists


At YouTube humans & machine learning is working together to tackle violent extremist content.

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Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2018


Symantec has released the 2018 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) and it is clear that the threat landscape is more diverse than ever. Cyber criminals are developing new ways to attack business …

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Cyber security in the accounts department


We've talked in the past about the technology you can use to reduce the risk of cyber crime affecting your business. In every blog post that has been published we've maintained that technology …

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World Backup Day 2018


Don’t be an April Fool. This Saturday is World Backup Day 2018, a day designed to encourage us all to review our data management and security. In this blog post we’re sharing our tips for keeping …

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