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1. Technology is essential
More than 80% of the fast-growing business leaders said that technology was essential to helping them grow, compared to only 63% of non-growth businesses. 

2. IT Team = SuperHeroes
75% of the fast growing organisations put their IT teams front and centre of the organisation, they're not just supporting roles. That number falls to 50% for the non-growth businesses.

3. Beat the crowds
Fast growing businesses proved to be early adopters of new technology. 81% of the business leaders interviewed agreeing that they actively seek out the latest technologies. 

4. Risky Business
Trying out new things, including new technology, is a key habit of fast growing businesses, with 80% of the respondents claiming to be calculated risk takers. only 56% of no-growth business leaders said the same.

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Date published: 27/04/2017

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