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Remote working need not be a challenge

The way we work has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. WFH (Working From Home) is increasingly the option of choice. Even where a hybrid office/home model is chosen, technology plays a critical role in ensuring people can work effectively, safely and productively from home or office.

So how do you make sure your staff are equipped to work from home, with the right tech support and security to match your business requirements? At PCM Systems, we've developed a specialist WFH support package designed for SMEs. This ranges from audits to assess where you are at present through to the set-up of flexible VoIP telephone systems, creating Cloud workspaces that can be accessed from any location and day to day IT support.

With the right tech and IT support you can empower your people to work anywhere.

Telephony - switch to VoIP

Let's start with telephony. VoIP telephone systems are inexpensive to set up and easy to configure and manage. VoIP can be used anywhere, in the office, at home or via a mobile. Using a software interface (softphone) on any computer gives call handling features and means employees can easily transfer calls to colleagues in different locations.

Your VoIP system can work using an app on your mobile phone (without disclosing your mobile number). Enhanced system features can include conference calling, voicemail, call recording and queuing, where required. The perfect solution when your workforce operates from different geographical locations!

Latest case study

HTC Architects

Implementation of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications system

Migrating to Office 365

Part of our service is to evaluate how you use technology now and to provide you with alternative solutions to enhance productivity. We may suggest you migrate to a solution like Office 365. If you do, we can provide the necessary training and support for to ensure everyone makes the most of the potential, implementing inexpensive online training to optimise the system.

Microsoft 365 is the perfect choice for remote working. You can ensure your people get access to latest upgrades (great for security), access to Microsoft Teams on multiple devices and tools like Intune that help you to manage these devices whilst enhancing security. You can save money, too - by reducing the amount of IT in your premises using SharePoint or OneDrive – easy, practical and scaleable so you only pay for what you use!

Latest case study

Gaunts Ltd

Migration from G-Suite / Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

Day to day IT support

Alongside all this, we provide friendly, approachable IT support with just one point of contact. We believe in promoting collaborative working, creating secure online workspaces where people are equipped to be productive and included. Match this with hardware, software development capabilities and support levels appropriate for your chosen working model, we’re here to help you make sure your tech is working for your business.

Latest case study

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We’re involved in more and more projects built around flexible working. If you would like to organise a free of charge audit for hardware and software systems, contact us now. With new ways to manage, we’ll help you improve your tech!

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