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Never heard of Office Delve? You’re missing out!

The people over at Microsoft just love developing tools that help businesses to be more productive. Whether that’s through faster technology, enabling better collaboration or improving their mobile offering.

Office Delve hopes to do all of that and more. Think of Office Delve as a one stop shop for your current workload. You can create Boards for specific projects, view summaries through content cards, search for documents, videos, comments and email attachments across the Office 365 suite, and more.  

Office Delve (Image from Office Blog)


For years the search functionality in Microsoft Office has been disappointing. Now with Office Delve you can search across most of the Office 365 suite from your central Delve homepage.


With Boards you can make project management a breeze. Share documents and files with the right stakeholders, add comments and updates, add links and more.  Choose who can access the information within the Board, open them up so that other people in your organisation can discover the projects you’re working on...view the video from Microsoft Office for more information.

Unlock Co-Authoring

If two or more members of the team need to be able to work on a document, Office 365 has developed co-authoring. Now multiple people can work on a document at the same time. You no longer have to wait until the document is unlocked before making amends or adding information. This is available for PowerPoint, Word and Excel files that are saved to SharePoint or OneDrive for Business, with some permission configuration required.

As you’re working on the documents, you can use Boards in Delve to add your notes and comments, keeping the relevant shareholders in the loop.


Boards and co-authoring all allow you to easily communicate with other employees at your business, and other Office 365 users.

What’s better is that Microsoft has developed apps for Android, iOS and Windows so you can access and update the content directly from your mobile.

Security & Privacy

Whilst Office Delve is designed to make sharing, collaborating and communicating more streamlined, it still protects the privacy of each individual user.

Private documents cannot be seen by anyone who doesn’t have permission to view them. Nor can email messages be seen unless proactively shared with someone.

Who can access Office Delve?

Anyone using Office 365 Business Essentials and Business Premium plans.

Office 365 Enterprise E1 – E4 subscription customers, including the corresponding A2 – A4 and G1 – G4 plans for Academic and Government customers respectively.

Date published: 08/02/2018

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