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It's Chetan's turn for his Day in the Life profile.

Chetan Varma - IT Support, Data Security & Cloud Computing

I have two young children, so once we’re up and have started the day, I drive into the office. Sometimes I’ll have a customer visit on the way into Leeds and other times I’ll come straight in.

During the morning briefing myself and Lukasz will update the team on any outstanding engineering work we have to complete, recent support calls that are noteworthy and if any deliveries are expected.  

One of our service highlights is that we prepare laptops and desktops for new starters, so we’ll do that at PCM HQ before delivering them to our clients. This might involve downloading the same software as the rest of their colleagues, setting up their email account and administering their network access levels.

We perform weekly manual scans for clients on our remote data backup and disaster recovery services. If any of our clients lose documents or data, for example they accidentally delete a file, we can restore a very recent version to them from the backups we take.

During our support hours I work with the team to answer any calls or emails we receive from our clients. Because we don’t operate a ticket system, we can answer most questions immediately. A big part of my day is spent talking to clients about making their technology more efficient, resolving configuration issues or planning for new technology installations.

I have a love of food (like pretty much everyone at PCM Towers) and my tamarind dressing is a hit with everyone at the office, especially Hugh! I love to cook, and am trying to get my kids more involved in our culinary adventures!

Date published: 15/03/2018

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