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Don’t be an April Fool. This Saturday is World Backup Day 2018, a day designed to encourage us all to review our data management and security. In this blog post we’re sharing our tips for keeping your data secure with Remote Data Backup, and why businesses need it now more than ever!

Data loss happens all the time. It is caused through accident, bad process and theft. Chetan looks after the IT security of some of our clients, and sees people as a big factor in undermining data security. “One of the biggest reasons we see data loss happening is simple user error. Raising awareness of good data management practices for all members of staff is important. You can support that learning with technology to make data loss less likely to happen. Setting up stricter delete processes and managing user permissions can help in the first instance. Remote Data Backup can ensure that you have an archive of your files if you need to restore something that has been accidentally deleted.”

Lukasz encourages all of our clients to use remote backup to add another level of security to the information they collect and process. “There’s a new saying “data is the new oil” and that is because it is so valuable to businesses. Even small organisations can’t afford to lose their data, be it emails, files or customer records. Using Remote Data Backup means that you can retrieve documents and data if you accidentally delete it, or if cyber criminals try to steal it. And Remote Data Backup is a much more secure way to backup your data than using USB or disk backup, or onsite backup.”

But why do we need World Backup Day? Matt sees 2018 as a turning point for data security, with increased awareness among the general public and not just the IT sector.  “We can’t remember a year when we’ve talked about data security more, or it has been more prominent to the public. With GDPR, Cambridge Analytica, and big data breaches from some of the world’s leading online retailers, data security is in the news more than ever. The organisers of World Backup Day want to encourage everyone, businesses and home technology users, to backup their data and secure their information, whether that’s customer records or family photos.”

The statistics don’t lie, and the Global State of Information Security Survey 2018 is a stark reminder that businesses are at risk of data breaches. The GSISS reports that almost 30% of businesses had experienced a data breach that led to damage or loss of internal records. Data security breaches had compromised customer records for at least 35% of the organisations surveyed. Current employees are seen as the biggest risk to data security, with 30% of those surveyed ranking users as the greatest risk to their information.

Educating your users and using technology to prevent data breaches and loss are necessary, but they can’t stop all incidents. That is why World Backup Day exists, and why we are encouraging all businesses to use Remote Data Backup.

You can visit the official World Backup Day website and visit our IT Security page.

Date published: 27/03/2018

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