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There's lots of talk about migration to Office 365 at the moment, and we're aware that nobody really likes change! So here's why we think it's a great thing.

Cloudy skies can be a good thing

It's all in the cloud - and it's reliable and resilient. That means you don't need to invest money and space in local servers and all that legacy stuff - so you have less hassle, improved flexibility and mobility - really important now that working from home has become an acceptable alternative. You and your people can access files from anywhere in the world - and what's more, you can save money too.

Getting together is easy, even when you're apart

With Office 365, remote working doesn't have to impact on effective collaboration either. Use SharePoint to disseminate information throughout your business, wherever you may be. Using a central cloud facility to store your documents means that individuals can work independently or simultaneously on the same files, with everything happening in real time. And if you're all working together using Teams, everything will update in OneDrive and SharePoint. It couldn't be easier.

It's all a bit familiar too

Talking about ease of use, if your people are already familiar with Microsoft products then migrating to Office 365 should be straightforward and easy to assimilate. And even if you're moving from a different platform such as Google Workspace, many of the applications are similar and will only require minimal training to ensure everyone's on board with the new system.

...and even more secure.

Microsoft 365 was designed around security, and this security is maintained by Microsoft so you're benefiting from the best - taking the headache out of worrying about things like countermeasures and firewalls. You can implement 2FA too (two factor authentication, just like the banking systems!) so two levels of verification secure your accounts. And you can work with a specialist to ensure your level of security matches your requirements.

Keeping going, no matter what

Whatever might happen to your physical devices, all your files and data will be safe and accessible, which makes a great contribution to your business continuity plans. There's even an 'accidental deletion' file recovery option - how often have we all needed that? With Office 365, it's there at the click of a button.

Easily managed costs

OK, so it's a subscription model - per user, per month. But you can choose from a range of plans and licences to suit your needs, and the cost is managed - upgrades are included so you're always using the latest version with the most up to date capabilities, reflecting well on your organisation and your investment in IT.

It doesn't stop there. Just look at some of the other intrinsic advantages:

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Date published: 03/08/2022

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