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The existing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is now several decades old, and if we look at how technology has advanced over that same length of time, it?s easy to understand that PSTN simply cannot meet the anticipated demands which would be placed on it in the future.

Back in 2017, BT announced plans for a digital telephone switchover, moving from the analogue PSTN to a faster, more effective digital system. Many people have already made the switch, and the analogue network will eventually be switched off for good in 2025. So what is taking its place? Welcome to the better world of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology!

VoIP with PCM Systems

At PCM Systems, we?ve already installed VoIP systems and IP telephony for many of our clients who have upgraded to a digital phone line, and without exception they?re working well and saving both money and time. What does it really mean? Easy ? essentially your landline voice calls are transmitted digitally, just like your broadband.

So what are the tangible benefits?

Firstly, cost. VoIP is a lower cost alternative to traditional PSTN technology. You just make and receive your calls using your internet connection, which for many businesses means they no longer need lots of individual telephone lines. Additional optional call bundles can reduce call costs even further. The call quality is improved too - internet connectivity gives high definition levels of audio clarity.

VoIP technology is super-reliable and can be matched to individual business requirements too, making it really flexible. It?s scalable and easy to add new users. And perhaps most importantly, in our new age of home working, it?s portable. Your people can connect to your VoIP telephone system wherever they are ? in the office, at home or on the road.

Other important benefits include straightforward Disaster Recovery planning, where in the event of loss of service you can just forward all calls automatically to a different telephone number. Your system can include useful add-ons like call recording, voicemail to email notifications, easy conference calls, remote calls to other devices and call reporting. VoIP is easy to install, configure and maintain.

Making the changeover

It's quick and easy and won't disrupt your business operations. Our team will consult with you to look at your existing system and determine your requirements, then we'll build your system, which can also be available via an app on your phones or a headset on PCs. We'll then arrange a convenient date for the changeover.

Most importantly, we don't tie our customers in to long term contracts, just an initial minimum term of three months then a 30 day rolling contract.

VoIP is the benchmark for today and tomorrow, equipping your business with a communication standard giving you the features and benefits you need to work effectively and enhance productivity. Want to know more? Contact us.

Date published: 17/12/2021

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