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It was a busy year on the PCM blog with 26 posts published, shared and read. We’ve rounded up our top 10 blog posts of 2017 based on data from Google Analytics...did you read them all?

#1 - Email Fraud

Our blog post on email fraud was by far the most read article we published last year. We discussed the common tactics used by fraudsters, what to look out for and the importance of employee awareness. We designed a cheeky infographic to summarise our advice to keep your email accounts safe.

#2 - Ransomware threats for SMBs

2017 saw several high profile ransomware attacks across the globe. What was different about these attacks was the scale to which they affected small and medium sized businesses. A lack of IT security means that cyber criminals are often targeting SMB businesses for higher-volume, lower-value rewards rather than spending the time and risk hacking large enterprises.  We looked at the steps that small and medium businesses can take to avoid ransomware attacks and deal with the fallout.

#3 and #4 - A Day in the Life Ula and Lukasz

You were keen to find out more about our team, and we’ll be adding to the three profiles already online this year too.

#5 - Christmas Jib Jabs

Our Christmas Jib Jab videos are always popular - probably because we make ourselves look silly!

#6 - The Benefits of Bespoke Software Development

Gone are the days when bespoke software applications cost tens of thousands of pounds. Now it is more affordable to commission tailored software programs for your business, whether that’s a CRM system, integration with websites and stock control, a company intranet or a customer facing app. In our 6th most popular blog post of 2017 we discussed the benefits of bespoke software.

#7 - ABCs of Technology

We took our readers back to school in 2017 with our “ABCs of Technology” article.  This list of the different technologies that businesses need and use landed at number 7 on our most popular blog list.

#8 - What Is Email Spoofing?

Email spoofing is an ever present risk to businesses and personal users. The big banks now actively warn their customers about the dangers of email spoofing, and businesses need to be on guard against cyber criminals posing as suppliers demanding payment for outstanding invoices. Our blog post detailed a couple of high profile incidents as well as standard technology methods to prevent email spoofing.

#9 - World Backup Day 2017

Each March, World Backup Day serves as a reminder to us all on the importance of backing up your data. Whether you’re responsible for protecting your customer data, an individual wanting to secure your photos for prosperity, or in charge of your data security, you heeded the warning and our WBD 2017 blog post hit spot 9 in our list.

#10 - Updates to Google Calendar Functionality

Late in 2017 Google made some changes to the user interface and functionality of their calendar. A lot of our customers use Gmail and the business tools in G Suite instead of or as well as Microsoft Office, making this article the tenth most popular on our blog this year.

Date published: 04/01/2018

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