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Getting online

Internet Explorer 11 (or IE11) was the last major version of this Microsoft browser. From June 15 this year, the web browser is no longer supported on certain versions of Windows 10 - is it time to move to Microsoft Edge?

...and lots more. If you're changing your browser, take a good look at all the options on offer, including Safari and Firefox!

And meanwhile... are you still using an old version of Microsoft Office?

Are you still getting regular security updates? They're important - an out of date Microsoft Office is vulnerable to compromise.

It's easy to confuse 'Mainstream Support' and 'Extended Support'. Every version of Office gets Mainstream for several years, where the software is updated with new features and options. In the Extended mode, no new features are added, but the security upgrades continue.

Support for Office 2010 ended completely in 2020, with no further security updates. Office 2013 for Windows will only get security updates until April 2023 - mainstream support ended back in 2018.

If you'd like to talk about updating Office or moving to Office 365, contact us.

Date published: 24/08/2022

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