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So with two years of working from home (with some office working in the mix too to keep us in touch and up to date!), like many other companies we took time to re-evaluate our requirements, going forward.

Tower Court in Armley had been PCM's home for some years, but how we all work is evolving and we're growing, too. We needed more room for equipment and more meeting space for clients, but less general office space to match how our people wanted to work into the future.

So last year, we began our search for the perfect premises, and found them at the Antler Complex on Bruntcliffe Way in Morley, Leeds. The location is great for all of us in terms of commute, the quality of the accommodation is excellent and we have more private facilities, as well as ample parking for clients.

We made the move just before Christmas last year, and have taken a few months to get everything in place. We're gradually returning to the workplace and finding the new premises provide us with much more appropriate and flexible accommodation to manage our work.

When COVID 19 levels reduce, we plan to hold an 'Open Day' and invite all our clients to join us at PCM's new home. In the meantime, we're pleased to be able to continue to provide our usual high standards of service and creativity from our purpose-designed premises on the Antler Complex!

Date published: 04/02/2022

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