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Assessing and planning a business relocation

Business and commerce today rely on the efficiency and reliability of their IT systems in order to manage day to day business. An office relocation demands careful review and planning of all communications facilities to ensure business continuity is maintained at all stages of the move. PCM Systems provides clients with an end to end service, from initial site surveys through to the physical movement and reconnection of equipment to ensure that every move is smooth, safe and tested.

Initial site surveys

The PCM team works closely with clients from the outset, visiting proposed locations to review the availability and integrity of existing network cabling, to check access to adequate broadband speeds and to look at issues including the proposed location of the server room and its suitability to match individual client requirements. In short, the team carries out a thorough assessment of IT viability and makes recommendations based on the facilities prior to leases being signed. This work includes investigating potential broadband suppliers to review costs and speeds.

Scheduling the move

Prior to the relocation date, the PCM team schedules a number of planning meetings with the client, setting out important considerations such as key worker priority for link up to the server. This preliminary work will also include visits to the premises to check all necessary additional cabling is completed, tested and fully operational prior to the move.

Meeting the deadlines

No business can afford excessive downtime. At the end of the final working day at the client’s original premises, the PCM team will disassemble systems where possible and prepare for the move. Any additional equipment required will have been sourced in advance and preconfigured at PCM’s workshops. Overnight, the server will be moved to the new site and all necessary work completed to ensure this vital piece of equipment is fully functional.

PCs and workstations are then connected up according to the agreed key worker priorities. Peripheral equipment such as printers and scanners are linked up and checked, with the team ensuring access is available to central data such as shared folders. In the event of any initial failure in internet connectivity, PCM can organise temporary internet access to ensure work processes are up and running as required.

Additional services

In many cases, the PCM team handles the total IT solution management process, including working closely with third parties such as telephone system and photocopier providers to ensure seamless integration. PCM is now frequently requested to act as the hub in the middle of the chain with software providers such as Sage, managing any issues and sourcing instant responses.

With our move carefully planned months before to ensure minimal disruption to our business processes, we had not anticipated unforeseen broadband supply problems with our providers. Fortunately, on the day of the move our IT support team at PCM Systems were able to source a suitable 4G router and get our internet connection up and running to enable us to provide an uninterrupted service to our clients.
Colette Medley
Addlestone Keane

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